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Base cmms base plan features

Start for Free · No Credit Card Required

$90/month/entire company

$99 without PantherPoints

For companies looking to replace paper, spreadsheets and forgotten hallway meetings with maintenance staff

    Base plan includes

  • 1 GEO · Unlimited Regions
  • Unlimited Requested Work Orders
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Buildings, Assets, Spaces
  • Unlimited Inventory Management
  • Unlimited Custom Checklists
  • Unlimited Preventative Schedules
  • Base Reporting Tools
  • Auth0 by Okta for SSO & Multifactor
  • Single Sign On (Google/Microsoft)
  • Machine Learning A.I.
  • Email Notifications
  • Free Technical Support
  • Panther Mobile
  • PantherPoints per Closed WO
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  • no credit card required

Popular cmms popular plan

Start for Free · No Credit Card Required

$182/month/entire company

$199 without PantherPoints

For small to medium size companies that require a modern & simple CMMS with focus on Maintenance automation & KPI

    Base + all this stuff

  • 5 GEOs · Unlimited Regions
  • Contractor Invoicing
  • Purchase Orders & Estimation
  • Vendor PO Management
  • Service Purchase Orders
  • Custom Guest Requester Forms
  • Room & Equipment Reservation
  • Custom Reporting Tools
  • Asset Downtime Manager
  • Multilinqual (Spanish, French etc.)
  • Custom Team Group Roles
  • Panther Mobile Start/Stop Timer
  • Panther Mobile Push Notifications
  • Panther Mobile QR Code Scanning
  • Panther Mobile Chat
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  • no credit card required

Enterprise cmms enterprise plan

Start for Free · No Credit Card Required

$365/month/entire company

$399 without PantherPoints

For the fastest growing organizations managing larger portfolios & seeking automation through API connectivity

    Base + Popular plus

  • Unlimited GEOs & Regions
  • RESTful Panther API
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory Audit & Cycle Count
  • Unit of Measure Inventory
  • Meter Based Work Orders
  • Project Management
  • Capital Depreciation
  • Dedicated Server
  • Audit Trail Inspectors
  • Batch Data Processes
  • Machine Learning A.I.
  • Custom Descripter Fields
  • Custom Column Assignment
  • Energy Usage Moniter
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  • no credit card required


Frequently Asked Questions

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Sign up for Free to any plan. Most new customers start with the Base Plan @ $99/month which can be upgraded to the Popular or Enterprise at anytime. The Base Plan is more than enough for most companies looking to manage maintenance and operations with no limits.
With Panther CMMS you can create Unlimited Work Orders, Preventative Maintenance Routines, Checklists, Buildings, Assets, Inventory, Purchase Orders etc. Your secure AWS database(s) can manage unlimited amount of information.
Not every organization will utilize every feature available in Panther CMMS. For example, if you only manage a single building you most likely will never require API integration, Capital Planning or Project Management tools. Why pay for stuff you'll never use? If you're maintenance and operations requirements grow, simply upgrade to the Popular or Enterprise plans as required.
Panther CMMS includes built-in spreadsheets allowing you to download, fill them up and upload them all in seconds. You can upload up to 100,000 buildings, assets, parts etc..at any given time. Made a mistake? No problem. Download your current data 24/7, edit your list and re-upload as many times as you like. Contact us to have your historical work order data from your current CMMS transferred into your new Panther CMMS account.
Pictures are worth a thousand words especially when completing a job. There are no data limits to attaching pictures, videos or office docs to Panther CMMS work orders.
PantherPoints are earned from each Closed Work Order. When Supervisors or Admins close Work Orders within an assigned SLA (late closures don't count), the Company earn points. Points are accumulated in realtime and used towards reducing your yearly subscription costs i.e) reduce your monthly subscription of the Enterprise plan from $399/m to $365/m simply by Closing Work Orders on time keeping your yearly AVERAGE optimal to receive that Free Month, year after year.
A Geo is a seperate database managed by Team Members that are given access by an Admin or Supervisor. A Geo can house unlimited Buildings, Assets & Team Members while a Region can group them within a Geo. For example if you have a national presence you can setup a Geographical Region called New York and another one called California to manage 2 distinct databases in a single CMMS. Team Members invited into New York will not have access to California - vice versa.
Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that automatically enables a software, machine or system to learn and improve from experience. Instead of explicit programming, machine learning uses algorithms to analyze large amounts of data, learn from the insights, and then make informed decisions for you. Machine learning improves performance over time as it's trained and exposed to more data. Our Machine learning models are the output from what Panther CMMS learns from running on your data. The more time and data used the better the model get's, providing you clear insight and better direction to optimize maintenance and operations.
Panther CMMS wants to be the best it can be for all it's customers. This can only be done through constant feedback. We develop all new features for free and make them availalbe to all our customers in a timely manner. Have a feature or big idea that will help your team succeed, we'll build it for you at no cost.