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Panther CMMS includes free Smart Transfer tools (built within the application) allowing you to download blank spreadsheets, populate and upload them in seconds. If you already have digital information (or paper) these tools are then invaluable in getting your CMMS setup. Best of all, they're free with included video tutorials.

Our technical staff can also convert your current work order database into a modern structure quickly.

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Panther CMMS software
Panther CMMS software is a preventive maintenance software designed to help businesses manage their maintenance activities in a proactive manner. It provides key features such as asset management, scheduling, work orders, checklists, notifications and alerts, history tracking, reporting, analytics and integration with other systems. Panther CMMS offers benefits such as reduced downtime, extended asset lifespan, cost savings, improved safety, compliance with regulations, optimized resource allocation with machine learning and data-driven decision making. Panther CMMS also highlights important principles and features to consider when selecting a CMMS, such as user-friendly interface, mobile accessibility, core functionality, scalability, customization, integration, reliable data storage, asset tracking and management, reporting and analytics, compliance and documentation, work order management, notifications and alerts, user permissions and security, training and support, cost-effectiveness, and vendor reputation. There is an option to request help with data transfer or use Panther's Smart Transfer to self populate data. Panther CMMS includes usage of Panther Points, which are earned from every closed work order and can be used towards reducing subscription costs.

  • CMMS Feature Explorer: A simple web tool that generates a report on essential CMMS features suited to a specific business based on a short questionnaire filled out on the website.
  • Asset Lifespan Calculator: A tool that estimates the extended lifespan of assets based on the proactive maintenance activities scheduled in Panther CMMS.
  • Downtime Reduction Estimator: Web app that calculates potential reduction in downtime by simulating various maintenance strategies available in Panther CMMS.
  • CMMS Savings Calculator: A calculator that users can use to estimate cost savings from using Panther CMMS by inputting operational costs and downtime frequency.
  • Interactive CMMS Checklist: A web-based interactive checklist that helps businesses identify their CMMS needs and see how Panther CMMS aligns with them.
  • Compliance Readiness Tester: A simple tool that outlines compliance requirements for different industries and shows how Panther CMMS can help meet those standards.
  • Smart Transfer Helper: A web assistant that provides step-by-step guidance on how to use Panther's Smart Transfer feature for self-populating data.
  • Maintenance Notification Scheduler: A web app that helps plan and schedule maintenance notifications and alerts, showcasing the functionality of Panther CMMS.
  • Panther Points Tracker: A tool for tracking and projecting Panther Points earnings over time, helping users visualize their potential subscription cost savings.
  • CMMS Integration Explorer: A tool that suggests potential software integration for Panther CMMS based on a user's current tech stack.